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Vegan Whole Wheat Waffles With Banana

Did you know that these Vegan Whole Wheat Waffles With Banana are jam-packed with only the healthiest of the healthy ingredients? This easy vegan waffle recipe is so yummy and made with plant-based milk and other delicious vegan food ingredients.

Every person needs a breakfast they can get excited about. It’s so hard to do breakfast right because it’s early, we are usually in a rush, and if you have kids it’s twice as hard. If you aren’t excited about breakfast it’s just easier to skip it. So you need a vegan breakfast that is so amazing it’s worth the to make vegan whole wheat waffles with bananaWhen I was much younger, before I went vegan, I had my ‘go to’ breakfast. It was three buttermilk pancakes, four slices of bacon, a glass of orange juice and a glass of milk. I loved it so much that I rarely missed breakfast because I looked forward to it so much. Now that I’m vegan, having a breakfast like that is just as important.

The vegan diet is no different than any other. You need to start your day with a healthy breakfast. You need whole grains and healthy carbs from fruit. This delicious vegan waffle recipe has all of that and more. It’s a great part of a healthy vegan diet and you will love it.

This is a great way to celebrate a happy morning. The waffles are wonderfully light, crisp, and brown in color. They are accented with chia seeds, raw cane sugar, and melted coconut oil. After baking, they look sweet, soft, fluffy , and perfectly moist.

Then these waffles are dressed with maple syrup and delicious bananas. You get plenty of all natural, wholesome sugars to give you that morning burst of energy you need. The whole grain and chia seeds will sustain you for hours so making it to lunch will not be a problem.

This vegan breakfast recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Vegan Family Recipes. You can get this Vegan Whole Wheat Waffles With Banana Recipe by clicking here.

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