Vegan Winter Fruit Salad

When winter comes many people reduce their intake of fruit. This is actually a time of year when you should be increasing the amount of fruit you eat. Not only is it delicious but it also has many health benefits. That’s why this winter fruit salad is amazing.

When you think of fruit what comes to mind? A lot of bright beautiful colors and shapes? Light refreshing tastes and textures? Most people associate fruit with warmer weather, refreshing plates and drinks, and fun. But there is so much more to fruit.


Vegetables get all the praise and accolades for their nutrient content. How many times do we have to be told how good kale is for us? And it is very healthy. Eating things like kale is important for overall healthy. But fruits are just as important!

Everyone knows the power of vitamin C for immune defenses. Many people will take products like Vitamin C capsules, or products like Emergen-C. There is nothing wrong with this but you are missing out on a lot of other health promoting things in fruit.

Not only do you find things like high amounts of vitamin C is some fruits, they are also full of water. Staying hydrated in the winter can be difficult. Eating fruits not only gives you plenty of nutrients and health promoting minerals, it also keeps you hydrated.

Of course there are summer fruits and winter fruits. Thanks to the modern world we live in you can usually get almost any fruit year round. But a winter fruit feast is something special and that’s what you get in this winter fruit salad from Gimme Some Oven. They provided all the beautiful pics, and this amazing vegan fruit salad recipe you can get by clicking here.

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