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Vegan Woman Crashes Into Chicken Truck

Vegans are just like any other segment of the population. There are crazy people among us. Let’s just be honest about it.

I have always been for activism and sometimes even dramatic activism in the cause of veganism. I mean, if we don’t speak up for the animals who will? They don’t have a voice and they rely on vegans to be their voice.

insane vegan woman

But you can take things too far. Endangering other drivers on the road is not a great way to make a statement about animal rights. We don’t endanger the lives of our fellow humans to make a point. Or at least I don’t think sane vegans do.

I think if we examine this story more closely we may find this woman isn’t even vegan at all. She was just using that as an excuse to try and get out of a drinking and driving ticket. Another crazy person giving vegans a bad reputation no doubt.

According to 11 Alive news she said: “She told officers she hit the other vehicle because it was a chicken truck and she was a vegan. Armstrong said she was heading home from work when she hit the truck and denied having alcohol before making the drive. However, claimed to have “taken a couple of shots” when she arrived home.”

That sounds like a likely story. Come on woman. Don’t use veganism as an excuse for drunk driving!

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