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Do Vegans Eat Honey

It’s time to answer this question once and for all.

Do Vegans Eat Honey?

I love veganism. I love everything about it. I love the food, the community, and the compassion for animals. But vegans can be pretty extreme when defending their views. I have had the issue of honey come up on my page many times. I had to ban one person because they were beyond what I could handle. Do vegans eat honey? She said no. And she meant no. And she was very rude to other visitors of my site.

Since I started doing this site I have learned that there are a lot of different kinds of vegans. Since I try to reach as many people in the vegan community as possible I don’t get into some of these arguments if possible. I am also trying to be a resource for people considering going vegan. It’s not good for them to see these bitter debates get out of hand. After all we have the same goals. We want to end the suffering and death of animals.

I decided to do this article in hopes of bridging the gap between the two sides. I want to be very clear up front about this though. The strict adherence to vegan principles would not allow for the eating of honey. It just doesn’t. That being said, there is a very well thought out point of view that says the opposite. And it’s from one of the most well respected vegans in the vegan community. I am now going to try to answer the question, do vegans eat honey, in a way that everyone can learn something about both points of view. Maybe we can reach some level of respect for both opinions.

Do vegans eat honey? Get well thought out replies from Michael Greger and Jo Stepaniak, two of the most respected vegan voices in the country.

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  1. I’m trying to figure out why honey is always on the maybe, maybe not vegan table. Why just honey? We don’t eat it, but are not judgmental about it. I was just wondering….

  2. I’m trying to figure out why honey is always on the maybe, maybe not vegan table. Why just honey? We don’t eat it, but are not judgmental about it. I was just wondering….

  3. When you think about what begets honey… the explotation of bees (which are an animal), then you have to conclude that vegans do not eat honey. Honey is to bees as milk is to cows and as eggs are to chickens…

  4. We, as a community, need to appreciate the efforts of those trying veganism and stop beating them up over one “non-vegan” thing they may still be eating. Thank you for writing an article that shows both sides of the debate. It may be beneficial for some of the vegan bullies to read the pro-honey point of view.

  5. I’m going vegan this New Years! I’m going have honey from time to time because there are a few benefits like when you have a sore throat. I’m mainly going vegan for health benefits and I feel my body was design to be vegan. I like this article a lot too

  6. I am a beekeeper and I am vegan. Insects, as far as I know , are not sentient creatures. That being said, I care a lot about my bees. I leave them enough honey to eat and spread out honey to weaker hives. I also feed them pollen and sugar water every few weeks to keep them stimulated. Bees don’t scream in pain (that would be me lol). Bees don’t run away in fear of me(sometimes that’s me

  7. I don’t see honey as being vegan anymore than milk is. It comes from an animal and is not made for us. It’s made for the larva and themselves during winter. There are also so many alternatives to using honey, it’s really not necessary.

  8. Couldn’t the same thing be said about eggs, since it doesn’t hurt the chicken to lay them? And if you’re purchasing from a free range/ organic/cruelty free farm then is that OK? I get those questions a lot and honestly I never know how to answer aside from the fact that eggs aren’t the healthiest food of choice and honey is bee vomit lol.

  9. We sort of have to figure we all, vegan or not, eat some bugs. They get into everything.

    As far as honey goes, I gave it up for a short time. Then I met a couple of beekeepers who do their thing in my own inner-city neighborhood. I buy their honey. I believe it helps me combat allergies.

    I have friends who keep bees as well. When they had to move, they took such care moving their hive. The goal was to not lose a single bee. Other beekeepers I’ve met take care to live away from certain crops and plant certain flowers to keep their bees happy. It’s really one of the most carefully thought out animal/person relationship.

  10. I’ve never been a fan of honey to begin with….so “giving it up” wasn’t even an issue….any recipes that call for honey, I just sub with Maple Syrup…which I love! 😀

  11. If you consume honey, you cannot call yourself a vegan anymore than a person who eats chicken can call him/herself “vegetarian”. Period.

  12. If they eat honey, they are not vegan, no matter what their excuses or “reasons.” It is an animal product. Bees are members of the animal kingdom. Period. The end.

  13. My husband is a vegan, the only time he eats honey is to soothe a cough, it’s a matter of necessity then. He uses agave nectar as a sweetener and I use maple syrup or xylitol when baking sweets.

  14. Normally, I don’t. But I am sick with a horrid cold. Warm water, lemon, and honey is they only thing helping right now.

  15. I eat honey that is locally produced. Remember the saying “consistency is the hobgoblins of fools.” One can never drill one’s beliefs down to their absolute bottom. When vegetables are tilled, insects are killed….do you wear clothing made by exploited workers in developing countries? The list could go on. We all do the best we can.

  16. I am strict vegan and eat honey sometimes it’s not an animal.Agave is good as well honey has health benefits.

  17. I’m stunned to see the number of “vegans” here who eat honey. I guess with that logic cocineal, silk, and lac products are ok too. Bees don’t make honey for humans anymore than chickens make eggs for humans.

  18. Nope, don’t eat honey. If I can do without everything else, why not do without honey?! They’re are other sweeteners available so….

  19. I personally agree with Doctor Greger’s POV. It’s far more sensible. You can’t avoid killing bugs in agriculture so it seems silly to bicker on this issue.

  20. I don’t like the taste so I don’t eat it. That said, I don’t know a single bee keeper (I have met many, oddly enough) that does not revere bees and who are not concerned for their well being as a whole.

  21. This shouldnt be a debate. If you eat honey youre not vegan….
    Doesnt matter if its local or anything. Its NOT vegan. So youre not vegan….
    Save the bees.

  22. I eat honey on occasions that I am unaware of and end up finding out later, but I choose not to because it’s not a plant. LOL boom.

  23. I love all of the uppity vegans that think they can judge others. “I’m a seventh level vegan. I don’t eat anything that casts a shadow”

  24. There is also a difference between intentional and accidental use. So yeah, bugs are accidentally eaten, but I’m not going to buy some at a store to add to soup. If honey is vegan, then so are eggs.

  25. My bf is against it so im trying to watch out for it. I just can’t eat it if someone is gonna be judging me but its not that important to me either lol just when it comes to honey buns or granola bars (I’m vegetarian)

  26. Okay, I personally wont begrudge a vegan raw honey for health benefits. My issue is the amount of vegans that purchase products that contain palm oil derivatives, knowingly or otherwise. Although not consuming an animal product, the purchase of these millions of products (not just food and toiletries) directly funds the death of endless animals. Other issues like the destruction of natural habitats for many species of animals for products like toilet paper cant be overlooked. Reasons like these are why I consider vegans who consume honey still vegan.

  27. Being vegan is not about being perfect, it’s about striving to be our best with our current situation. Whether another vegan eats honey or not is, frankly, none of your business. Stop with the pseudo vegan accusations. We already have a hard enough time fighting for veganism against non vegans why do you want to fight with each other?

  28. Honey was the last thing i gave up and its still not a big deal if thats the only ingrediant in something. However i dont think its vegan. The honey is for the bees, not for us and our consumption of it is killing the bee population.

  29. Who can say if I am a vegan or not. Im sick of these who tell me what I am. I don’t touch animal products or buy leather or eat dairy eggs or milk. The only thing is honey I will consume as I don’t see any harm in the production. You vegans who like to judge and box everyone into categories stop being so self righteous. You give us all a bad name and to be honest not even You are vegan if you go by your own rules. ! Do you drive a car ? Have anything with glue in. Rubber. ? You cannot avoid a certain amount . A vegan is compassion and that is what I am. Im not here to be judged by the likes of ‘vegans’ who have lost its meaning.

  30. Why would you purposely harm any living creature for food? If bugs accidentally get ground up when people make food it’s sad, but that’s something that you can’t control. However, you can eat other things there are like honey. Agave nectar is definitely one of them. If you eat honey then you are not a vegan because you are paying someone to harm innocent creatures. That’s messed up and no matter how you try to justify it you are not a vegan if you eat honey.

  31. I avoid it as much as I can and never eat it in its whole form. I have a personal rule that if it’s the last of many other ingredients in a food I will buy the food. I also supplement with panax ginseng and haven’t been able to find any locally that doesn’t use honey to sweeten it.

  32. Why can’t we all just get along, eating honey or not? We are all on the SAME team-trying to do it our own personal best to reduce animal suffering in the world. I’m sure anyone could look at anyone commenting “nope, it’s not vegan so YOU’RE not vegan” and find some flawed area in their life. But, are you still doing your very best to not consume animal products. Yes. Would you still call yourself vegan, most likely.

  33. We have three hives and beautiful bees who share our lives. When we began raising bees it was of course for their honey. They are some of our greatest teachers. Our whole family is now vegan. Most of the time beekeepers take honey from the bees in fall and often at the expense of the bees. We do not take honey from our bees for our use unless a hive is lost or for some other reason there is a surplus. Then we do eat a small amount of it. But, we now raise our bees for the bees and with the huge, sad loss of the bee population I have to say, although it is often concluded that the reason for the loss is pesticides (and I agree) another major contributor is humans.

  34. Just reading more comments… many people assume that no bees are harmed by taking their honey. That can be true if you have a very conscious beekeeper. On large scale production though, many times bees are crushed or drown in their own honey in the process, or starve because we take too much of their honey. Many times they are fed a sugar/water solution or corn syrup so humans can have their honey . Taking a small amount and very careful harvesting is possible, but not usually the case in larger production. Honey has many health benefits for humans too, but maybe it is best to always know how the honey you consume is harvested. A kind, respectful beekeeper who loves the bees will be a better choice than a jar at the grocery store.

  35. When asked, I usually respond with, I’m Vegan, but the true answer is, I eat a whole foods plant based diet. The longer version is harder to get out and more people understand Vegan better. I use dates mostly or coconut sugar as a sweeter. Honey I use more medicinally, like for a cold or sore throat. My original choice to go “plant based” was for health reasons. Since making that choice and learning more, I would not ingest animals now for ethical reasons too.

  36. Nope a bee is a living creature,who provides us with life pretty much! Never really enjoyed the taste of honey anyways.

  37. There is sustainable, ethical honey, but there is also sustainable, ethical milk. But milk is not good for our bodies. I have yet to find a local, ethical, non-harming sweetener for my plant-based diet. When I do, I may say goodbye to honey. Until then, I am a honey-eater.

  38. I don’t like that this assumes the only reason a person would be vegan is because of the treatment of animals. I went vegan two months ago for health reasons and nothing more motivated me, but was pleased to learn about the environmental impact of living vegan. There are also numerous health benefits to honey, and unlike milk or eggs, it is a byproduct of bee’s relationship to a plant. I consider myself a “mostly vegan” and if that bothers anyone that’s their problem not mine.

  39. So….this is mostly for that jay dude who assumes he knows what vegan is. There are ALL TYPES of horribly unhealthy food that are vegan. It just depends on the lifestyle that you want.
    But honey is a no.

  40. I occasionally eat honey, like one a year when im sick, I love eating vegan but the people are crazy for the most part so i dont consider myself vegan never will even if i do go full vegan someday. Ive been attacked by them too many times during my transition so not really interested in being part of such a bitter community.. Ill just be vegan on my own as best as i can.

  41. How about a debate like : are you vegan but is shitty processed non- organic foods full of flour, corn, or sugar.
    Why not focus on healthy life choices and let people make their own mistakes ? You don’t raise awareness by trying to prove others wrong – this isn’t quantitative research.
    Save the eye rolls for people who says they can’t do yoga because they can’t touch their toes .

  42. I think that no matter when a living thing is mass produced for our pleasure it is wrong. Bees are mass produced and forced to live in environmental quarters they were not meant to reside in so that we can have honey. That’s not fair. There are so many honey alternatives including Bee Free Honey which is sweetened with apples. That’s what we use. So good!

  43. People don’t go vegan overnight typically. It takes time, research and a few growing pains. If you are truly concerned, you will be supportive of your fellow humans that actually care to try the lifestyle. Don’t beat up the few people who actually care to change! And newbies, please don’t beat yourselves up over the little things. Just dust yourself off and try again.

  44. We keep 2 bee hives. They are well cared for. No bees are suffering. We leave them plenty of honey so they do not starve and we never smoke them. Just talk to your bee keepers before buying, they should be happy to answer any questions you might have. Always buy local food when you can. Plenty of animals are harmed in the production of large scale vegetables. Farmers run over animals with tractors when harvesting, farmers will shoot pests to their crops (ground hogs, etc.), and the space it takes to raise crops takes homes from native animals. Just something to think about.

  45. I do not eat honey anymore. I don’t judge either. Whatever a person can do to help lower the consumption of animals is sufficient! I don’t think bees are abused in any way, I just keep off my diet. They will produce honey no matter what!

  46. In my book, you are not a vegan if you eat anything from an animal. If you eat honey, you are NOT a vegan.

  47. I am saddened by reading the replies on here. Apparently a lot of people didn’t even read the article before blasting their views. I think the article says it wonderfully. Maybe saying I eat a plant based diet instead of saying vegan is a better choice for me. I don’t want to be part of a group (or word) that has such hate and discontent for other people who are trying to be compassionate and healthy individuals.

  48. The comments in this thread make me very sad. I am relatively new to the vegan community. I thought I was joining a group of the most compassionate people on the planet. It seems that compassion and love for animals does not include our fellow humans. I don’t like honey, so I honestly never even thought about it being vegan or not. Now that I’ve read the article (which makes great points on both sides!) I do not plan on eating any, even if I were to like the taste. BUT I have to say this, I would be THRILLED if I could just convince one person to stop eating meat/dairy at this point. There are so many millions of people that need to be reached in order for a true change to be made on this planet. Do we really want to alienate and pick on someone who avoids everything else animal except a little local honey? I understand the argument against it, I really do….but I would never belittle someone for giving 99%. We need more vegans! We need more vegetarians too! You know what’s sad? I don’t eat or wear anything animal, and I’m proud of it….but I think I’ll go about doing that- but leave out the term “vegan” when describing myself- if it puts me in the company of such hostility. Veganism is compassion and joy, let’s not forget about people here. A little education and kindness can help get more people to change….not judgmental insults. Someone’s personal best for contributing to the good of the planet is good enough for me. We need to embrace the “almost there” people so they WANT to join us.

  49. Honey kills elephants and bees. And why would you eat something involved with pain when there’s a substitute? Agave!

  50. Bee keepers take good care of their bees. The health of the hive is of utmost importance, both physical and mental. All good bee keepers leave enough honey for the bees to winter over. As long as you know the source, I believe it’s totally okay to eat honey.

  51. I eat honey and im vegan, it is a insect not a animal. You should be more cincerned about monsanto and how they are killing the bees with their toxic gmo plants and how they are poisoning our food supply.

  52. I do not consume honey… I personally do not like honey, but I care about bees. Bees are responsible for pollinating the foods that I consume, and I would not like to contribute to their deaths.

  53. Wow. So much judgement. I think most everyone knows what “vegan” means, and why many of us are vegan. We all became vegan for different reasons. The point of this group, or so I assume, is to have logical, adult conversation. Not to tell people who or what they think they are, aka “fake vegan”, or “vegetarians who have mostly good intentions.” How about we support one another instead of calling names and bashing each other. Remove the stick and take a step off the pedestal you think you’re on. Drive a car? Oops. Not vegan. Check your tires, bet they exploit an animal. Eat something with sugar? More than likely was filtered with bone char like your alcohol. Use plastic bags? Not vegan. Downy? Not vegan. As someone else said, we all do the best we can. I eat a whole foods plant based diet. And I am vegan. And I do consume local honey from a small organic farm for medicinal purposes when I’m ill. I have no problem with this. I know where it’s coming from. Support one another, we are on the same team.

  54. I dont eat honey the bees are mis treated. Only bugs I kill are fleas and roaches and misquotes because im a speciest that way …..

  55. Why do people keep saying it’s okay to eat honey as a vegan? You’re NOT vegan if you eat honey. True vegans consume NOTHING that has come from animal or living creature period. Insects matter.

  56. Maybe you should change the name of the site. No vegan I know eats honey. Honey made by a bee . They work hard to make it for their own consumption . Honey eaters steal their food. Please change the name so vegans don’t get confused and think this is a vegan site.

  57. Supporting honey theft supports colony collapse disorder – “local organic” honey included! Honey build bees’ immune systems. Without it they’re left susceptible to the worst the world has to offer.

  58. It is not our responsibility to keep people vegan – if we had that kind of control over others they would ALL be vegan now. I’m with you that there may be a middle ground here, but I don’t think the debate is non-sensical or extremist at all. We are in a world facing honey bee colony collapse and to NOT ask if our consumption of honey is contributing to that is acting as if, hey, it’s only bees. That’s the same attitude that a lot of people make for eating meat – they’re just pigs, cows, fish… When we dilute the true intent and purpose of what we are doing to supposedly attract more people, it not only misrepresents “the movement”, but also takes away from the heart of our compassion for the animals, and the dignity of the animals themselves.

  59. Fun fact! Honey is better for the environment. Agave nectar harvesting is actually harmful to a certain type of bat. Plus beekeepers preserve bees. I’m not a vegan, I’m vegetarian, but in my research to prepare for veganism and how to do it without being malnourished I came across a few articles about this.

  60. nope, don’t eat it. it was actually one of my hardest things to give up when I went vegan, but agave substitutes nicely. (y’all should try peanut butter toast drizzled with it, it’s rad). 🙂

  61. Bees are raised as in humanely as other factory farm animals…..they subsist on sugar water because their real food is stolen, and many bees starve each winter…we do not eat honey because it is not ethical, and we are ethical vegans.

  62. I guess from the article he is saying that we can save many other types of insects if we used honey instead of sugar. But then it comes down to which insect is higher priority? I think bees are very valuable species and would probably choose to save them over other insects.

  63. I don’t think other vegans eat honey. I haven’t personally talked about it to other vegans though. I never really cared too much for honey so to me it’s actually not too big of a sacrifice to give it up. I personally have to say that before meat/fish, honey, eggs – dairy is the hardest part to give up. Not only the taste but the fact that it is in so many things. Once I started checking the ingredients of everything I was just like: ” wth – why would an instant noodlemix or granola have frickin traces of milk in it”? Lol that’s the only part that’s annoying but otherwise; its all perfectly easy 🙂 I love love love all the meat alternatives and I love the fact that being vegan makes me cook much more and become more creative. All the best to my fellow vegans out there. Bless you guys 🙂

  64. Veganism is all about not taking part in animal suffering to the best of your abilities and knowledge. That being said, you have a choice between certain death of bees for honey, or possible death of other insects for sugar. I choose the possibility where there is some sort of compassion. It’s not like those insects are deliberately being killed, more they were just at the wrong place at the wrong time. The same risk goes with walking. How many ants do you imagine you probably kill? With honey, however, we farm it. We have farms of beehives. They make the honey, we smoke them out, collect it, repeat. Thousands are killed in the process. It’s no different from a dairy farm.

  65. I’m not for eating honey but am friends with a few people who have their own hives…only take one screen from the whole box and keep these hives healthy. Free from beetles and insects that would kill the much needed honey bees. If in this case you are creating a healthy environment for bees to live and flourish so they can take care of those fruits and veggies we all love to eat do you think this is wrong? There is no smoking out process either. These bee keepers also save unwanted hives and re establish them and take care of them. Just something that has come up in discussions for me

  66. My father rescues bee hives, usually from abandoned real estate about to be sold, and I gladly eat his honey. I only eat his honey because I know how amazingly the bees are treated and that the bees get to eat their own honey over the winter, no sugar water for them.

  67. I don’t think it’s possible to be 100% vegan. Do you grow all your own vegetables? Where do they come from? Where do the seeds come from? Do you use insecticides? What about those insects? Farmers also often get underpaid and abused. Humans are animals too. Where do you buy your furniture from? Do you make it yourself? Where does the material for your furniture come? Did you grow cotton and wove it and made the material yourself? Where does your phone that you use to access Facebook come from? And so on the list goes on. As long as we participate in the society we live in and consumerism, go to work, etc. to some extent we will support some abusive trade, one way or another. You must do what you can to alleviate as much suffering as you can. You can never alleviate all the suffering. To achieve that human race should just have a mass suicide right now. And even then, we probably won’t alleviate all the suffering we have caused for a few hundred years.

    Anyway, to answer the question, I do not eat honey. It is made by insects for their young to eat, grow and become adults. Same as I do not drink cow’s milk that is made by a cow for their young.

  68. Im vegan organic I have bees in my back yard I love them they love my garden and they are not harmed when I go get the honey they don’t sting me they just fly away and when I’m done they come back . I do not use smoke I use peppermint oil and they don like the smell so they fly away . They are healthy my plants are healthy everyone’s happy. The only time I’ve been stung is when I accidentally stepped on a bee that was on the ground :'( rip little guy

  69. Just like I keep worms I collect compost from my neighbors to feed them (because I don’t have a lot of compost being vegan. ) they help my plants thrive and get rid of the little buggies. So does this mean I can’t eat plants because they are a animal product of my worms?

  70. Wow, the soap boxers are really pissed today. I have been moving toward a plant based/vegan diet over the last few months – been swapping out dairy cheese for alternatives, etc. I still use honey though, from local farms and apiaries. Local honey is almost always sustainable, since the owners of the hives are usually small time farmers, plus it helps contribute to the local economy.

    Most of you are exactly the reason vegans get such a bad rep: you’re all obnoxious and self righteous. Look at the bigger picture here.

  71. I’m vegan.. Do not eat honey. But I also realize if the bee population fizzles out we have a major problem. So I’m for anything that is going to positively effect the growing of the population provided it’s not harming the bees.. Tricky situation. Bees are our plant pollinators.

  72. This page just lost my LIKE. POS idiots defending the exploitation of bees for your unnecessary gluttony when there are cruelty free alternatives. Yeah that’s right, Google it muthafukas! You fucktards MIGHT AS WELL EAT “MEAT”! BYE NON- VEGANS.

  73. There’s no debate at all. Bees are animals; honey is an animal products; by definition, Vegans absolutely do not consume any animals products what-so-ever.

    Half the “vegans” you know simply aren’t vegan, it’s extremely simple.

  74. There is no debate, a vegan does NOT eat honey! Anyone’s individual thoughts on the subject don’t matter because VEGAN is a clearly defined philosophy, has been for a long time, it’s not a diet OR open to interpretation. A person either decides they agree and follow the philosophy or (simply put) they’re not vegan. If a veg person decides to consume honey from bees, fine, but that makes them a vegetarian. Personally, it took me awhile to understand the honey issue, and I didn’t call myself a vegan until I did understand AND quit honey.

  75. I don’t think it should be an issue…they’re not harmed or farmed unhumanely, and bee farmers help the environment, so they are our little minions collecting amazing wide spectrum essentials, as long as we maintain there ecosystem.

  76. Some of these comments are exactly why vegans have a reputation for being self righteous. Don’t eat honey? Good for you. If you eat honey, that’s your choice. Is it a pissing contest of who can be more vegan? I love being a vegan, but so many of you are just plain mean to each other.

  77. For all those who have made disparaging remarks against “honey eaters” do you avoid almond milk & all almond products? Because almond groves depend on commercial bee hives for pollination, therefore contribute to bee death. Take a deep breath & stop being so hateful to people who actually do care about animal welfare.

  78. If people all quit eating honey, there would be no reason to care for bees, and in today’s world I believe if we quit caring for bees, they will not survive in the long term. Think of how much goes into bee keeping, how much land it takes to keep bees happy, how much pollination they need to do, we would not want to preserve the places bees need if we didn’t need bees. Just my opinion.

  79. Honey is a product created by an insect. Is an insect considered an animal? Because I thought the parameters for a vegan was no animal products.. ? Insects also pollinate plants to help create seeds to grow the plants that we eat.. but then they do make the honey to feed their larvae. Same idea as cows and milk. Hmm… yes I do ramble. Lol.

  80. Hello. On my second round of vegan dieting @2 months, first round 1yr. Been on a vegetarian diet for nearly 20 yrs. Been 5 yrs since the first round which I have accumulated my current opinion regarding the honey/vegan issue. I ate cornbread last night homemade smothered with organic honey. It was very good however reminding me of this vegan awareness stuffs. I think its not a vegan issue actually more an ethics issue and vegans have no say regarding the dietary labeling of said vegan dieting based on consumption of honey.
    A bee is an insect. If you ate a roach turd would you consider yourself a vegan? The real issue is exploitation and marketing of a helpless creature regardless of the species. I believe it is vegan to eat honey, however based on an ethical decision, I have decided NOT to eat honey.

  81. been on my vegan diet for 2 months, was 5 yrs ago for a year, been vegetarian for 20 yrs. last night i baked a cornbread smothered with organic honey, reminding of this issue, and any time really i consume honey. although this is not a vegan issue, as vegans are non users of animal by-products and a bee is an insect, the very thought of harming any creature for the sake of food should plague any food conscious vegan as well as humanity really. if you eat a roach turd, would it sake your vegan credibility? the answer is no.
    not being a vegan issue, but being an issue of ethics, you should realize animal farming or insect farming is the actual crime being committed. can you imagine human farming? (i.e. public schools.)
    i have made the decision to stop eating honey, organic or not obviously, based on an ethical decision.

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