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Vegetable Lasagna Recipe

I’m a huge fan of this Vegan Vegetable Lasagna Recipe I found. Not only is it a delicious vegan food, it’s easy to make. And you can make it quick.

This is not my own creation. It is combination of things I learned from a website online, my own experience and the brilliance of my sister. She is the queen of creating easy healthy recipes that taste amazing. This vegetable lasagna recipe recipe is certainly no exception! I recall a month during the summer this year when I made this exact same recipe for dinner at least 5 times. No one ever complained. But we love lasagna at our house.

If you have ever been boiling your pasta to make your favorite lasagna recipe and thought, “wow this is really time consuming” then you are going to love this. A trick I learned from my sister removes that entire step! Yep, you cook the pasta for this amazing vegetable lasagna recipe at the same time you cook everything else.

If you like lasagna then you are going to love this recipe. Get it on the next page below.

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