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Video: Why Eating “Natural Flavors” Is Anything But Natural

It’s hard to eat vegan if you buy prepackaged food products. They are always slipping in animal ingredients using different names to try and fool you. It’s important that you know what you are eating. Sometimes it’s not only not vegan food, but downright disgusting.

The ingredients on your favorite packaged food product says it has “Natural Flavors.” That’s awesome right? You might think so but you would be wrong. I want to warn you before you click below to watch this video…where natural flavors in food come from is shocking. It isn’t healthy. It certainly isn’t natural. And you will probably stop eating most of the packaged foods you love immediately!

If you made it this far then you probably want to be healthy and you are brave. Congratulations on making the smart choice to get informed about nutrition and natural flavor products. Watch this disturbing 90 second video and never be fooled by products that contain things like animal anus again.

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  1. My personal fave is the beaver a**l gland excretion they use to make raspberry flavour. What backwoods, inbred, creep found that natural flavour? Only in America would we say, ‘scrap the raspberrys, let’s use the beaver a**l gland excretion.’ What?

  2. I just wonder who first thought “Lets add Beaver butt to that to improve the taste”

  3. This may be a rediculious question, but can it be used in food labeled vegan since it came from an animal?

  4. It’s the glands or scent sacs of beavers?? Right. Apparently it is the natural berry flavoring in many yogurts

  5. That video was hilarious! “Butt” then again, this is not new knowledge to me. Still nasty though. I’m always reading labels to avoid all kinds of things.

  6. Don’t feel sorry for me, I am not feeling down, I have done alot in my my lifetime to change things, I depend on you younger people to do more. I have never claimed to be a vegan, I have been a vegetarian for 29 years, I support Peta, ASPCA, Humane Society, Save the Chimps, never buy leather goods, make sure cosmetics I buy are not tested on animals. Sometimes the things you don’t eat are just as good as sending donations to animal causes and shelters, we all to our part to stop animal cruelty

  7. That’s mostly untrue…castoreum from a beaver’s anal glands is actually expensive and isn’t regularly used in processed foods for ‘natural’ vanilla flavoring, pure vanilla extract usually is. It is, however, widely used in the perfume industry to make a vanilla scent.

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