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Video: How to be Vegan. Simple Tips For Beginners.

What do I do at Thanksgiving? How do I go out to dinner with my friends? What do I cook for dinner tonight? It really can be challenging to basically change everything you know about food. A life of learning how to eat has to be thrown out the window and you have to learn how to eat again.

Giving up the last remaining animal products like milk and cheese seemed impossible. Cheese goes on nearly everything, right? Thankfully there is a lot more information out there today to help people who want to make the switch. That’s actually one of the main reasons I started this website. I ran across this awesome video that is short and packed full of really helpful tips I wish someone had shared with me! So if you are new to the Vegan lifestyle or you want to share this to help someone else, make sure you watch this awesome video on the next page!

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