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Warning: NEVER Drink This Ever Again!

What if I told you that there is a common beverage that men, women and children drink every day that could be killing them? Every vegan should know this. What if I also told you that not only is this a popular beverage, 95% of doctors and the Federal Government actually says you need to drink it every day. This isn’t about vegan nutrition. This is about everyone’s health. Even if they aren’t vegan!

Do you have any idea what this beverage is yet?

  1. This beverage increases a growth hormone in the human body that has been linked to cancer growth and accelerated aging.
  2. Consumer Reports found 44% of 125 tested samples contained as many as 2200 organisms (fecal bacteria and others) per cubic centimeter
  3. One study found that the more of this beverage people drank, the more inflammatory molecules were present in their urine.
  4. Increased drinking of this beverage has been linked to  increases urinary calcium excretion. This calcium loss could potentially cause negative calcium balance, leading to bone loss and osteoporosis.

And as bad as all of those things are, they still aren’t even the worst that could happen if you drink this beverage. How bad can it get? What is this drink you should stay away from and keep your family far away from? All the research and details are on the next page.

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