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Wedding Websites And Planning Guide

Why do we need wedding websites and wedding planning tips? The most beautiful and exciting day for brides is their wedding day. It is also the most stessful. When you are looking for top wedding sites and best wedding planning sites it can be even more difficult as a vegan.

Wedding planning can take much more time that you originally thought and add so much stress it’s hard to even enjoy your special day. Interestingly, the same process applies to normal wedding planning as it does for vegan wedding planning. So anyone can benefit from these tips. When you are vegan there are just a few more extra steps involved. From everything to the wedding photography, wedding catering, to the wedding dress, there are many things to consider if you are vegan.


Wedding Websites

There really isn’t a lot of difference in picking a wedding website for your wedding in terms of veganism. We did a lot of research into the top wedding websites and found they were all pretty much the same. You can take some time and look at wedding website reviews to determine which one best suit your needs. Some of our favorite wedding websites include Appy Couple, With Joy, eWedding, and Riley & Grey.

Wedding Planning Websites

The same rule generally applies to a wedding planning website as well. If it’s a website that offers wedding and event planning services just make sure the staff have done vegan weddings in the past and understand veganism. You can usually determine this with just a few questions.

The best wedding planning websites will probably have all of the basis covered, including being able to plan for a vegan wedding. If they don’t, keep looking until you find the perfect planner.


Here are a few of our favorite wedding planning websites. Look them over and pick the one that best suits your wedding and your personality. Wedding Wire, Carats and Cake, and Wedding Happy.

Wedding Registry

This is something that will be listed on your wedding website to let guests know where to buy gifts. Most of the work will be on you for your registry. As long as you only register for items that are vegan then you can be pretty sure your guests will only get you vegan gifts.

There will be a few guests that will not purchase gifts from your registry store. Make sure you have a section on your wedding website that explains you are vegan and what vegan means. You should also point out all gifts in your registry are vegan so even if they use a different store they should only get things on your registry to be sure.

You can register at local stores in your city but if you want to get really creative, plus make it really easy on your guests you should consider these online wedding registries.

Zola is a wedding registry like no other. Sure there are blenders and toasters and silverware. But you can also find many custom and interesting things you won’t find anywhere else!

NewlyWish is for the couple that wants experiences rather than toasters. How about dance lessons, cooking classes, concert tickets and more. Now we’re talking!

Amazon for simplicity. Nearly everyone on the planet already shops at Amazon. And Amazing has everything under the sun. Easy for you and your guests.


Wedding Dresses

Wedding an event planning often starts with the wedding dress. The most common thing to look out for in picking your dress is silk. Of course silk comes from the silk worm and it’s definitely not vegan. Check those labels for silk not only on the wedding dress, but also on the bridesmaids dresses.

The Groom’s Suit

This may be the most challenging problem of your entire vegan wedding planning experience. It is very difficult to find men’s suits that are not made with wool, cashmere, or silk. They will usually be some form of blend along with cotton.

You can find suits made from cotton, polyester, or rayon-based fabrics that are not blended with wool. It will take some effort on your part and they will cost more. The good news is that a high quality suit will last many years. Unlike a wedding dress, the groom will wear this suit many times in the future.

Wedding Catering For Vegans

The food will be one of the things your guest remember most. Most vegans are not just vegan for themselves but also want to get as many others on board as possible. As odd as it may sound, a wedding is the perfect place to make a mark.

If you get a great wedding caterer that is either completely vegan, or has experience making great vegan dishes then you can have a huge impact on your guests. If they leave your wedding thinking “wow that vegan food was really delicious”, it will change their thoughts on veganism.

Here are the few things that are important when picking the wedding caterer and presenting the food. If course who prepares the food and the menu is imporantant. Bring a omnivore with you for the food tasting. If they love it then you know all of your guests will too.

Instead of just providing a simple card with each plate that tells what each course is by name, make sure you you put that the food is vegan on that card as well. Have one for every plate that is served. Also put the ingredients of each dish on the card.

You may think this is not a great idea but let me explain why. When many omnivores hear the word ‘vegan’ they react to it the same way as hearing the word ‘alien’. They think it’s something strange. When they see that the ingredients are just normal foods they have known their whole lives they will begin to see vegan food as normal.


Wedding Cake

You want to absolutely nail this one for your vegan wedding planning. Find a great vegan bakery, or a bakery that also makes vegan cakes. Taste as many as you can. Find one that will blow your guests minds.

Just like with the meal, include a small card with each slice served that points out your cake is vegan and no animals were harmed. Use your beautiful day to enlighten those you know and love about veganism!

If you spend just a little bit of extra time looking at wedding websites, wedding and event planners, wedding website reviews, and wedding ideas for vegans, you will have an amazing wedding you will cherish forever.

Imagine not only marrying the love of your life, looking amazing, and sharing this day with your friends and family. Imagine also doing it without harming any animals and sharing these values with your guests. Your wedding could actually change other people’s lives forever, not just your own.

I have put together a great resource page for wedding tips, tricks, hints, and things to know to plan your vegan wedding. This is a great wedding website resource for planning your big day. Get all of that and more by clicking to the next page below.

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