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Weight Loss On Vegan Diet 155 Pounds

Today I want to share this weight loss on vegan diet story. It is amazing vegan diet weight loss results of 155 pounds! As you may know I am also on a vegan weight loss journey and I am inspired by the stories and success of others. I have lost 65 pounds on a vegan diet in 8 months and I outlined my exact eating plan in my book. “How I lost 60 pounds” is available here.

Weight Loss On A Vegan Diet

Today I’m going to share the story of Ruth. She has shared her personal vegan weight loss success on several different blogs out there and it’s really inspiring. It seem as if she did lose some weight before going vegan but then kicked her health into overdrive when she watched Forks Over Knives. She credits all of her amazing success at losing weight on her vegan diet which came as a result of watching that movie.

It wasn’t the movie that made her see the need to lose weight originally though. Like a lot of us she started having health problems. She eventually decided to see a doctor for her symptoms of nausea, muscle aches, dizziness and exhaustion. It was on that doctors visit that she learned that she weighed almost 300 pounds. That was the catalyst that started her on her vegan diet and weight loss journey.


Ruth said: “After my initial research, reading several books, and finding additional resources through the world of Facebook, (where I found another great resource – Will Travel For Vegan Food) I decided to make the switch to a whole-food plant-based diet immediately and not gradually – I went all in from day one. Personally, that approach is much easier for me than still keeping one foot in a lifestyle that I wanted to move away from.”

Vegan Weight Loss One Month

It’s amazing how much weight you can lose in one month when you clean up your diet and go vegan. More specifically I am talking about a whole food, plant based, vegan diet. There are many ways to eat vegan that are just as unhealthy as being an omnivore. Store shelves are crammed with processed vegan foods that are unhealthy, fattening and full of bad ingredients. While they may be  vegan, that doesn’t mean they are good for you. And they certainly won’t help you lose weight.

What many people experience in the first few days of their diet is water weight loss. This quick water weight loss is your body releasing all of that water it has been using to suspend and dilute toxins in the body. If you are on a vegan whole food plant based diet, your body will release that water very quickly because it doesn’t need it any more. This makes for a very exciting first week of weight loss on a vegan diet.

Many people often discount this quick water weight loss. They say it isn’t important because it isn’t fat. But I disagree. If you are losing weight by eating whole plant based foods, then the water weight is your first signs of returning health. Your body is returning to a healthier place by shedding that water it doesn’t need to suspend and dilute toxins anymore. And then the real fat weight loss can begin.

Vegan Diet Weight Loss Results

Ruth found out quickly that the results you can get from a healthy vegan diet are amazing. She began dropping weight and feeling better immediately. It’s incredible what the power of healthy plants can do! As you will learn, not only did she lose a lot of weight, she also reversed disease and got healthier. Very quickly. This is what she had to say about her vegan diet weight loss results:

“Since adopting a whole-food plant-based diet I have reversed and eliminated all of my medical issues (Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, etc) no longer experience feelings of exhaustion, have so much more energy than I know what to do with…”


Fast vegan weight loss plans are pretty simple and straight forward. Basically you eat whole plant based food. It’s really not complicated. If you want to know exactly what I did to lose 60 pounds in 8 months you can check out my step-by-step plan HERE.

If you want to feel amazing, have more energy than every before, and lose weight almost effortlessly, then this is the way to eat. There in nothing easier than weight loss on vegan diet. It is simple, straight forward, and delicious. I have never eaten more delicious food than I do now. And interestingly enough I eat more than I ever ate before. It’s so amazing how right it feels to the mind and body. Ruth agrees:

“I have been vegan strong since June of this year and within that time I have lost 70 pounds, making my total weight loss 155 pounds since my journey began…as well as many more positive health results that my list literally could go on forever. Bottom line – I feel absolutely amazing!”

I am inspired by Ruth’s story. Her vegan diet weight loss results are incredible. While I’ve just lost 60 pounds so far, I know I will match her amazing 155 pounds soon! I learned what Ruth learned. You have to eat healthy, plant based, whole foods. Eat them until you are full. Enjoy your food. The weight will come off. And you will feel better than ever! Photos and details of Ruths story are courtesy of Forks Over Knives and wtfveganfood.

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