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What Secret Ingredient Makes This Brownie Recipe Amazing?

Easy Vegan Brownie Recipe

I’m going to be very honest with you right now. I love brownies. I have always loved brownies. I always will love brownies. I probably have 100 brownies recipes! Every week I am looking for a new brownie recipe that I will love. Last Wednesday when I ran across this brownie recipe from the gluten free vegan girl I was a little apprehensive about it’s main ingredient. I was looking at the ingredient list thinking, there is NO WAY this can taste like a brownie. It can’t taste good. I must be horrible.

But I love brownies! Did I mention that already? So I bookmarked the recipe and decided to make it this weekend. Well I’m happy to report it’s amazing! We made these last night and they were all gone before we went to bed. Everyone loved them. My family, our guests and even the guests kids!

Warning: When you see the secret ingredient, don’t freak out. This is an amazing brownie recipe! You must try it!


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