Lazy Vegans vs Athletic Meat Eaters. Who Is Healthier?

I personally think debating the health benefits of going vegan is pointless. You go vegan because you care about animals. Any health benefits are just side effects of doing the right thing. That being said there are a lot of people who don’t care at all about an animal, but they will change their diet if they thing it will help their health. And since that saves animals, I’m all for it. The results of this study are just phenomenal.

What if we compared the arteries of marathon runners to couch potatoes? You would predict the athletes to have better artery health right? But what if our couch potatoes were Vegan and our marathon runners were meat eaters? That’s where things start to get interesting. This is a powerful testimony to the health benefits of a Vegan lifestyle. The results of this study will shock some so called ‘experts.’ You can watch this fascinating video on the next page. Once you start watching you won’t want to stop.

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