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Is This The Most Disgusting Vegan Product Ever?

Decades ago vegan burgers were invented. Then came vegan milks. Vegan butters and creams are growing now. But none of those come close to this. Mind Blown!

When I first went vegan I was amazed by all of the many vegan ‘meats’ there available in the supermarket. I know there was a time when they were new and people were amazing by them. Now we just expect them to exist and taste amazing. And most of them do.

Lately the new vegan butters and creams out there are making vegan baking so much easier for a lot of people. I don’t really think we should be eating very much processed vegan butter. But if you are going to bake an occasional treat it sure makes things easier.

And of course the new vegan coffee creamers and vegan whipped cream products are just simply amazing. It really is easier than every to switch over to a vegan diet and lifestyle. None of those things will prepare you for this vegan invention. I’m not even sure we want it or need it. It’s either really gross or the most brilliant invention ever!

Imagine the most disgusting standard American diet possible. Get that picture in your head. Now think of the most disgusting ingredient ever for cooking most of those foods. Do you have it? Are you thinking about it? Now click next page below and see if you guessed it. Many vegans are eating it. I would never touch it! Check it out and comment what you think on the next page below.

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