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You Won’t Believe What Company Is Refusing To Use GMO Potatoes

About a month ago we told you about a company that got FDA clearance to sell it’s GMO apples. You can read that story HERE.

Today more news broke about this company and their genetically modified food. It seems there is also a GMO potato and this is where things get interesting! There are a lot more potatoes sold every year than there are apples. I mean, Americans are obsessed with potatoes. I have a cousin that likes to eat baked potato AND french fries as a meal.

With so much demand for potatoes out there you can see where these genetically modified potatoes could be everywhere very quickly. But one company has said it will refuse to sell these GMO potatoes. And the most interesting thing about this story? You won’t believe what company it is! Find out on the next page. You’ll be shocked!

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  1. I don’t like the fact that they don’t need to label if it’s a gmo fruit or veggie. I should be able to decide that I don’t want it. I definitely do not want an apple that can’t brown!

  2. It’s a good first step. IMO, everyone has a right to know where their food comes from, how it was produced, etc.

  3. this must a desperate attempt to pick there numbers back up, they would have to change thier name have real food & have vegan food & basically have someone with a soul before i would ever eat there, this is not even close to convince me !!!

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