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You Won’t Believe What Fast Food Giant Is Launching A Vegan Burger!

I remember when Chipotle launched their Sofrita. The reactions of the veggie community was overwhelming! Then White Castle Launched their veggie burger. I’m not sure how many they are selling but I do know that is the most searched article on our website.

There are the vegan purist who will never see this as a good thing because a place that cooks animal flesh is the place making the vegan burger. I always strongly disagree with that crowd. You don’t win the war without winning the battles first. And getting any of the top 3 burger chains to serve a vegan burger is definitely a battle won. It’s something to build on.

wendy's black bean burger vegan

Now one of the BIG 3 fast food burger joints is launching a vegan burger and it looks epic! Of course anytime a chain restaurant does something vegan all of us have questi0ns we want answered immediately. Is it really vegan? If it’s not, is there a way it can be ordered where it is vegan? And will it be prepared separately from the meat burgers you cook all day?

The answer to all of those questions is yes! It can be ordered completely vegan and it’s cooked in it’s own oven far away from the meat. If you haven’t heard by now, Wendy’s is the restaurant launching a vegan burger and it really does look to be epic! What is it, how is it made and where/where can you get it?

Those are the the questions that all of us vegans have. And we went digging to get the answers! All of your questions about the Wendy’s vegan burger and everything we uncovered is answered on the next page below.

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  1. Its change but I still don’t like fast food … Disney has vegan ice cream and veggie burgers but we don’t see them posted… I try to support the local economy and health food stores . let’s hope they offer vegan mayo

  2. When things like this are posted, I typically see people griping about how we should not support fast food or they find something to nitpick about. We come off as ungrateful and like nothing is ever good enough. I’m thrilled that more places are willing to give options to vegans. I rarely get to enjoy a night of not cooking,so occasionally, it’s lovely to have a choice. I’m thrilled by this.

  3. I refuse to eat at Wendy’s for many reasons. I don’t want to eat in a fast food restaurant where the smell of animal flesh permeates the air. Also they like most fast food restaurant have become successful from slave labor, This isn’t really a vegan burger. Bad karma to eat in such places.

  4. Nothings perfect and at least this is a start. Lots of teens hang out at fast food places and this generation is becoming more aware of animal suffering . This gives them a choice on the menu . As for comments on slave labor , no one forced these people to work there. If you don’t want a minimum wage job then go back to school and get a better job. It can be done with some effort. The world doesn’t “owe” you anything. Fight for yourself to better yourself .

  5. No burger is vegan if it has eggs in it. I would check the ingredients of any burgers you buy that you may think is vegan unless you make it yourself. Until you can tell me there isnt eggs in it I would say its vegetarian.

  6. I’m not seeing anywhere where it says if the bun is vegan or not and online it’s saying that it has dairy cheese and non-vegan ranch sauce on it so how is it really vegan not to mention the veggie prep station is probably the same they prepare their meat burgers on besides being cooked in a separate oven

  7. It is a step in the right direction but of course you would have to order it without cheese and ranch, check to see if they have Vegan bread of course too, sour dough is a good bet but check it. The article says it is cooked completely away from other meats or contamination

    1. Yes I agree with vegan addict …it is a step in the right direction..I don’t think the cheese is vegan from posts I’ve read before just a burger but at subway they do vegan so why not others?

    1. I live in Columbus, the test market for this burger. Sadly, it has been pulled from all the local Wendy’s for a few months now. Not sure if it will be returning. It was good while it lasted!

  8. Only if they are cooked on a separate grill and the food handlers actually change their gloves to not get any contaminate on them…I think of Subway…the meat juices are spread to all the rest of the additions…oops good idea needs attention

  9. Vegan Addict, this is an old story and your readers are better informed that your authors. In fact the story has changed to where Wendy’s is no longer interested in testing it out. Can you please report on that? Or contact Wendy’s the way I just did so that we can get a piece of new news?

  10. Vegan Addict, I already got a response from Wendy’s that THIS BURGER IS DISCONTINUED FROM ALL MARKETS AND WILL NOT COME BACK DUE TO POOR PERFORMANCE IN TEST MARKETS. Vegan Addict, y get our hopes up? For clicks? Skipping your posts starting now.

  11. If they don’t value or understand veganism they might just cook it where the meat patty gets cooked even if there are rules for separation…I’ve known a few fast food workers who can attest to this

    1. The definition is meat not vegetable. And I am evolved, humans became omnivores. We are not carnivores. You should check your facts first. Burgers have had meat in them for 150 years. My definition of a salad does not make it one. And by the way I was just messing with Jill but I do enjoy a battle of wits, but next come armed with some.

    2. Steve Cowan , so you’ve made the definition yourself ?? How very God like of you !! A burger is only made of meat ?? Sweetheart, I’ve been eating “burgers” for 32 years without corpses and I’ll call it a fucking burger all day long !! Sorry Steven, but your argument is invalid just because of your opinion. Do us all a favor and stop getting off on trolling vegans. We deserve better than the likes of you.

    3. The post was burger. Burger is meat. Turkey burger Turkey, veggie burger veggie, etc. Again I was teasing a friend who I have a great amount if respect for and a few small minded assholes have to make a big deal out of it. Wow. Who fucking cares. Eat what you want. I’m sure somebody is upset if I say a fur burger is also meat, pissy meat. Get a life people.

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