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Vegan Weight Loss: You Won’t Believe What She Looks Like Now!

Every day I either meet someone who has changed their life by going vegan or I read about it online. The vegan diet is the easiest way to weight loss. When someone asks me how to lose weight, I tell them to go vegan immediately. This vegan diet before and after is a great example.

Yesterday I was browsing some vegan sites online and I stumbled across the story of a woman named Ruth. She was in a place where she needed a change. She was nearly 300 pounds. She had a sudden jolt, an awakening of sorts, on a doctors visit. This is how she describes it in her own words.

This wasn’t the life I had imagined. All of the food choices I had been making for 29 years were literally shortening my life expectancy and I knew I had to make immediate changes. With a history of high blood pressure and diabetes in my family it wasn’t a shock when the doctor told me that I had both, but I thought that I had more time. – Ruth Hughes

If you want to see the power of a plant based diet, a cruelty free, guilt free, diet. Imagine how she sat there in that doctors office, nearly 300 pounds, and then just see how she looks now! It’s genuinely Jaw dropping!

Ruth - Courtesy of wtfveganfood
Ruth – Courtesy of wtfveganfood

Are you ready to meet Ruth and read her entire story? From being sick, scared and nearly 300 pounds one day in the doctors office, to being a healthy active vegan! This is what she looked like before she went vegan above. And below you can see the amazing transformation side by side. This vegan weight loss before and after is so remarkable.


And click here to read the entire story. This is a great example of what eating a vegan, plant based diet can do for your health. If you know someone that is looking for the answer to their weight

featured image courtesy David Shankbone

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