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Zesty Pesto Pasta w/ Roasted Almonds

Pasta recipes are so great and I love finding new one. Vegan pasta recipes in particular. One reason I love vegan food is that it’s never boring. This vegan Pesto Pasta recipe is the perfect example.

The many flavors, taste and textures that can be combined to make a vegan dish are limitless. This Pesto Pasta uses some zesty lemon, roasted almonds and edamame for the perfect mix for a delicious meal. I especially enjoy this easy vegan recipe as a lunch idea. With just six ingredients you can make this one quickly and easily.

tangy pesto pasta 1

We think you will love this pesto pasta recipe for a lot of reasons. It requires just 6 ingredients and a few minutes later you can be eating. I don’t think many things go together better than pesto and pasta and this vegan recipe is a great example.

With a light lemon zest, a nutty pasta, some roasted almonds, and a bit of edamame, this recipe shines with color and flavor. If you pair it with a nice glass of white wine you have a vegan dinner to remember. It’s just so delicious. This is what vegan food is all about.

We have posted this recipe several times on our official Facebook Page and every time we do someone tells us how much they love it. And now you know why we have share it more than once!


The Kitchn invented this vegan pasta recipe and the beautiful photos. You can get the complete Vegan Pasta Recipe by clicking here

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