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Zucchini Vegan Pizza

It seems like everyone I hang out with is in search of the perfect vegan pizza. That’s how I found this one.

You would think that pizza is a very simple thing to make. It seems like an easy meal to prepare. I mean, you can make a phone call, ask for delivery, and have one at your house in about 30 minutes. There are actually a lot of fine nuances involved in making the perfect pizza. A lot of it is in the sauce which has to taste amazing. And then there is the dough. Without the right crust you just won’t get the right texture. And then there is my favorite part, the toppings. This is where the variety and excitement and flavors come from. For most people this involves a lot of cheese and meat. If you are making a vegan pizza you get to be more creative than that!

My cousin actually sent me a link to this pizza and said something to the effect of “We Must Try This!”, except I think she used a lot more exclamation marks. And I’m pretty sure she also used ALL CAPS. If my cousin uses all caps, she is serious about it. So we tried it. And it was awesome! Even though I only used one exclamation point, I am being just as serious. I really love this recipe! You can get it on the next page.

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